You the CRM Power
to Segment, Test
and Track
Online Performance

Successful fundraising and donor communication are heavily data-driven activities. RE-UNION helps you manage this vital data powerfully and simply.

2DIALOG’s RE-UNION CRM module enables you to act on the intelligence you gather from interactive behavior. That includes email and landing page or microsite interaction. Transactional details accumulate quickly with all interactive communication vehicles, where just about anything is just a click away.

RE-UNION allows you to build and maintain actionable information about each of your donors, prospects or friends:

  • Activities
  • Preferences
  • Attributes
  • Affinity
  • Interactive History

RE-UNION makes this key data available to all other 2DIALOG applications to tailor creative, content, list selection and other vital elements of your online fundraising and donor communication strategy and tactics.


  • Captures interactive performance data
  • Makes your digital data actionable
  • Empowers strategic messaging choices
  • Stores and retrieves vital constituent information
  • Integrates easily with 3rd party Database Partners

RE-UNION brings order to your interactive communication, fundraising and marketing program. And it makes it possible for you to seamlessly coordinate that information with your main CRM database (limited to 2DIALOG partner CRM solutions). In short, it gives you the intelligence for strategic success.