Imagine Hundreds of
Your Supporters
Raising Money from
Hundreds of Their
Friends for Your Cause

PEERPOINT helps you raise more money by empowering your friends to “fundraise” for you.

Put the power of social, peer-to-peer fundraising to work for your cause today.

Your supporters can quickly become “fundraisers” for you by creating personal
fundraising pages where they can tell their story, share their passion for your cause and track their fundraising success with easy-to-read visual progress meters.

These fundraisers can then share their personal fundraising page with friends, family or coworkers who then visit the page and make an instant, secure, donation online in just a few clicks.

PEERPOINT’s features include:

Individual or Team Enabled Fundraising. Equip your fans to raise money individually or to create partnership and competitiveness by enabling fans to team up and fundraise together.

Brand Consistency. Pre-load digital assets and content so that a supporter’s fundraising page is pre-built with pre-approved and required content. Pre-loaded content can include photos, YouTube videos, documents, a fundraising target or key messaging.

‘Additional Tip’ Functionality. Ensure that 100% of the donation goes to the chosen project by giving donors the option to give an additional tip to cover credit card processing or administrative costs.

Embedded Social Media Sharing. Increase the reach of your message by enabling fundraisers to share their fundraising pages across multiple social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Automated ‘Thank You’ Message. Donors who contribute through a fundraiser page will receive automated acknowledgements, saving you time and ensuring donors receive appropriate tax receipts.

PEERPOINT will help you add new revenue by putting the passion of your fans and their network of friends and family members to work raising money for you today.