the CRM Power to
Segment, Test
and Track
Online Performance

To see significant increases in your online endeavors, you need to move beyond traditional segmentation to personalized engagement. INSIGHT empowers you to do just that.

With its easy-to-use tools and advanced deep analytics engine, 2DIALOG’s INSIGHT module equips you with the power to create actionable intelligence quickly and easily from interactive behavior. It makes it possible for you to refine messaging and deepen donor and constituent relationships by speaking more directly and appropriately to their interests and activity.

Actionable Analytics

“To measure is to know” is the principle which requires understanding the strategic impact of your communication and fundraising activities. 2DIALOG’s INSIGHT dashboards provide you with real-time feedback.

INSIGHT gives you centralized dashboards which give you actionable information on trends, habits and actions of your donors and friends.

The general reporting format is based on lists and matrixes or graphical formats such as charts, graphs and visual indicators.

All reporting is displayed through a flexible drag and drop of data reporting components that can be customized to provide the unique data views that each user requires.

This lays the foundation for advanced computational analysis. The resulting data can be used to create behavioral models that enhance your fundraising effectiveness.

In short, 2DIALOG believes that INSIGHT informs strategic action, which in turn drives performance. We offer you the power of INSIGHT.