Our Database
Exchange Engine

Keeps Your Online &
Offline Data in Sync
without Heavy Lifting

2DIALOG recognizes that nonprofit organizations may have a variety of data repositories. So we believe that it is important to accommodate the exchange and synchronization of data captured online with offline data.

Many nonprofits use legacy CRM systems to warehouse the valuable data they collect on their donors, prospects and friends.

2DIALOG’s Database Exchange Engine (DeXE) makes it possible for you to integrate online performance data with other storage environments that may exist in your organization.

DeXE makes provision for the exchange of data to Technology Partner CRMs. The ease and power of DeXE allows you to streamline processes that are essential to optimized communication and fundraising.

Why Data Is So Important

Most nonprofits, when the amount of time and money they spend is accounted for, dedicate considerable resources to communicating with their donors and prospects. Yet 30 years after the advent of the personal computer, and 15 years after the rise of the internet, many nonprofits still have not integrated technology effectively.

As a consequence, many nonprofits are less effective at their number one job, building quality relationships. Nonprofit constituents, who are also customers and citizens, now expect interactive and personalized content to keep them engaged. Unless nonprofits adapt technology to meet their needs, they risk losing their voice as their constituents pay attention to more effective communication strategies in the never-ending and ever-escalating battle for human attention.