Are Your Events
Raising Enough
Will Help You Turn
Events into Epics!

BoxOFFICE is an event management tool that enables your organization to sell tickets, packages, products or registrations to amplify your fundraising.

BoxOFFICE enables you to easily control event creation, registration, promotion and ticket sales.

Successful events take a lot of work and require managing thousands of details.

BoxOFFICE takes the burden off of you by:

  • Enabling participants and their guests to purchase packages or individual event tickets or options (VIP events, accommodations, etc.) though and easy online process
  • Managing inventory
  • Collecting annual membership dues.
  • Integrating all data and communication for consistent branding
  • Working with 2Dialog’s BILLBOARD and PEERPOINT to engage and promote your event to existing constituents and to help find new participants

Setup is simple and the user purchase process includes automated e-tickets and thank you receipts.

Secure Online Payments. Secure, easy payments online make sure you can collect and track payments.

Automated e-Tickets. BoxOFFICE provides e-Tickets automatically.