in Control of Email,
Landing Pages and
So You
Can Act Quickly

A powerful, comprehensive e-communications tool, BILLBOARD, the pulse of the 2DIALOG toolset, is the powerful result of 40 years of nonprofit software and fundraising experience. The expertise of 2DIALOG Founder John Walvoord, Ph.D., and more than 20 highly skilled fundraising strategists and software engineers resulted in BILLBOARD.

BILLBOARD is the gateway to the future of e-fundraising . . . placing the ability to create, deploy and analyze quality e-communication in your hands. BILLBOARD is designed to make your online and multichannel fundraising more efficient and effective.

BILLBOARD is the multifaceted solution to your most important interactive challenges. BILLBOARD allows you to build email messages, landing pages and complex forms quickly and professionally – without technical skills.

Interactive Communication Vehicles. BILLBOARD meets the needs of your interactive communication strategy: web, email, microsites, donation forms, mobile and social media connections.

Powerful and Versatile Technology. BILLBOARD enables you to create a variety of key interactive communication elements, all within a single tool.

Integrated Financial Management. BILLBOARD’s merchant processing via microsites allows for ease and flexibility in accepting and tracking online donations.

Robust Tracking and Metrics. BILLBOARD is supported by 2DIALOG’s powerful analytics tool, INSIGHT. Better data, better tracking and better performance analysis leads to more effective, relevant communications that influence donor behavior.