2DIALOG Offers You Integrated Multichannel
Tools that Are Powerful, Usable, Affordable

2DIALOG provides dynamic solutions to meet your online and multichannel challenges with exciting new technology that draws on years of direct response marketing and fundraising experience.

2DIALOG’s product suite offers you a comprehensive set of online tools that will empower you to maximize your multichannel effectiveness and improve response rates.

The powerful but easy-to-use email, peer-to-peer, landing page and microsite tools can help improve your donor conversions and help you raise more money. They will also help you cultivate new donors and donations more easily and effectively.

Event management and ticketing empower you to expand your reach at a time when social interaction is critical to a nonprofit organization’s success.

Analysis and personalization strategies targeted to individuals based on their previous and current behavior enhances results and brings confidence to your planning.

2DIALOG’s product suite empowers you to:

  • Create and deliver effective and response-generating email communication
  • Strategize and build strategic and integrated landing pages and microsites to help you expand multichannel integration
  • Directly connect people for peer-to-peer fundraising success
  • Accept and process donations easily and securely with customizable donation forms and powerful database integration
  • Engage with donors and friends through events which energize commitment and passion for your cause
  • Collect, store and use comprehensive constituent information in a powerful CRM environment
  • Analyze and act upon response and performance data to refine and enhance your online performance
  • Seamlessly exchange data between your existing master CRM database and your email and microsite campaigns (limited to 2DIALOG partner CRM solutions).