40 Years of Nonprofit Software Experience Make the 2DIALOG Toolset Powerful, Flexible & Practical


The 2DIALOG product suite is next generation online communication and fundraising software for the nonprofit community. And while it’s platform, toolset and usability are clearly forward-reaching, the knowledge that informs the platform goes back nearly 40 years.

In the 1970s the CRM platform pioneered by 2DIALOG Chairman John Walvoord, Ph.D., represented a new paradigm for nonprofit communication and fundraising.

Forty years and multiple generations of thinking and innovation resulted in the creation of the 2DIALOG toolset in 2005.

Just as Dr. Walvoord’s thinking was innovative in the 1970s, 80s and 90s, his brilliance was applied to online communication and fundraising in the twenty-first century and captured in the 2DIALOG product suite.

The concept for 2DIALOG was profound and simple at the same time:

When innovation is coupled with the founder’s track record of raising over $1 billion for nonprofit organizations, excellence results.

No other organization serving the nonprofit community brings such strategic and creative achievement to an online platform. This remarkable product can be affordably yours.

In March of 2015, fundraising agency Pursuant added 2Dialog to its family of intelligent fundraising solutions. Learn more about this partnership at Pursuant.com